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As we experience the real value of putting nature back in the driver’s seat and elect to focus on NATURAL SECURITY not National security, there are specific and powerful choices to make for that change to take hold.  . The social architects newly designed NATURE-BASED habitats of choice are one design option.  The repurposing of current organizations like the national guard, the veterans community, and the current forces of law and order could make a real difference.

They are already regionally organized.  They have a common responsibility to support their communities and the nature around them.  They are bound by the constitution at their essence.

While it seems our national governments are now seriously out of touch and out of date ...we need wait no longer wait for our primary and pressing need to redirect ourselves to the work of the hour ...our planetary restoration… one bioregion at a time.

Consider an alliance ...A TEAM OF TEAMS...of the following highly service oriented organizations:

The national guard

The US marshals

The veterans groups

The forest rangers and parks personnel

The police forces

The firemen

The highway department

The Corps of engineers

The special forces A teams

The coast guard

And active duty forces not engaged in combat

The festival cultures of all persuasions who establish instant commenities

Native American tribes as they are able.

And at the right moment available exo-terrestrial and inner terrestrial support.

These are just “some” of the NATURAL GUARD FORCES who could choose to work together to restore our biosphere.  Ninety per cent of American Armed forces equipment and transport is suited to housing, feeding, moving, repairing, communicating, and organizing in tailored ways to be of specific support to specific natural settings.  Every NATURAL SETTING has specific needs.  This is not a one GAMEPLAN suits all.  Nature is an equal partner in all local decisions.

 The same logistics and operating systems come with the other teams above.   The festival cultures know how to build cultural unity and source life with music and play.  So, we are not building cookie cutter encampments.  Perhaps FEMA will join the teams when they are not managed by the old guard.  

We are not aiming to just survive here … we are headed for paradise and rich cultural heritage.  In America we have the power of hundreds of different cultural themes and the music and stories to match.  We are not building internment camps.

These elements above all have families that deserve to be protected and live in a thriving America the beautiful.  They are the TEAM OF TEAMS we so critically need today!  And the world wide web (WEBOCRACY) is the network of information we need to co-ordinate that upgrade!.

Old governments don’t have to take us all down because they are beyond reinventing themselves.  This has been true throughout the ages.  Beaurocracy and special interests with enough time have always corrupted centralized governments themselves over time.  That is just a fact.  We now have a web that actually allows for us to go beyond representative government to a real individualized people to people exchange for services and interests.  We are already living in the next best form of representative democracy!  

Now, it’s also obvious from recent off world excursions that the new forms of energy, transportation, and science can create the leverage we couldn’t imagine in the old world.

So, magic is afoot.  Love is in the air/energy field.  Heaven is over-watching this entire new collaboration … believe that now and save yourself a lot of stumbling around.  We are the ones we have been waiting for!


Jim Channon

New Earth Army

Planning/ operations