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The 1978 Task Force Delta Launch.




A proto-mythology that began with airborne infantrymen and their paranormal skills .. and escalated in scale to a need to recover the biosphere using global armies and exo/inner terrestrial allies.  Same ideas ….the earth and infantrymen both have miracle body’s.

Jim Channon

Author of Evolutionary tactics

The Earth Battalion field manual

Our history is a story of a dedicated army think tank, that in 1978, agreed with the value of using the proto-mythical FIRST EARTH BATTALION … as amplified by EVOLUTIONARY TACTICS ….the field manual, in order to bring new thinking to the minds of promising young army officers with that creative glint in their eyes.  Evidence is clear that it has now been viewed online and in film by every army out there.  We were a be all you can be unit in cyberspace.

Over the years this thinking was captured by a website created by Frank Catanzaro(RIP) Original Earth Battalion Website one of the thousands of non-military sympathizers who also became what is now a worldwide movement and a community of interest on the world wide web.   Daily reports from the field were collected on that website.  Beginning in 2010 the site was attacked by a series of spam attacks not defensible by the older software Frank used.  We will keep it there until it disintegrates.   Key ideas were moved to the site and the realtime blog retired while the mythology grew to a planetary scale mythology.  Now, fingers crossed, ...this new site will be bullet proof.  

Recently, with the support of a dedicated Corporate Jedi at Badger Claw Productions, the effort was rebirthed.  Yes… the corporate Jedi are coming.  Thank you Stephen and web meister River Lee!   We decided not to recopy all the hundreds of field reports but instead to get some of them to this new site.   We now sport a now more Galactic strategic interpretation ofmission with an Earth Battalion lens and 2075 mindset.

Contact!  So, the global hit count on the web visitors to the original site went down at 600,000 plus ...five years ago.  With the advent of the movie MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS the worldwide general recognition of these Ideas is estimated now at 6 million.  With that in mind and the worldwide conditions of warfare that rob us of our chance to restore our biosphere …. still being real ...we are rebuilding this site and loading the web with many more potent youtube videos to breech the gap.    Search youtube for Jim Channon…. To catch up.

If I summarized the thinking reflected by the many communications to me over the years and the web-based feedback the common word people use is “Legendary”.  As I have always postulated as strategy number one THE BEST STORY WINS.  Many accolades followed.  Grateful.

My work as a proto-mythologist (aka change agent who uses story forms and imagery)  has branched into many other cultures.  In the nineties I gave my GO.PLANET cheer to Ted Turner one night and soon after I was at DIC comics crafting the characters for Captain Planet the leading syndicated cartoon of that decade.  Other strategies for mother earth in many forms have been delivered to hollywood and other channels since then.  Tell me a superhero that doesn’t use the paranormal skills first introduced by the Earth Battalion field manual ????.  

Go Planet!


PS  There are many people to thank and you will see their names in this newly revived website, where we have cherry picked the bones of the older site.

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These are photo's of Jim Channon.  They are archival and include both his time in the army as the First Earth Battalion commander and later as the strategic designer of Fortune 100 corporations where he illustrated their strategic visions.


The photo's are for use by Earth Bn. newsletters and the press.  Please give credit to the photographers that are listed.  Other photographers have larger files that are available for sale...see Peter Beemer and search for Monica Schwartz honolulu.  Thank You!






Here we see Jim as the rifle platoon leader in the 173d Airborne brigade where he pioneered psi and stealth tactics to achieve zero causualties for his platoon with no civilian casualties in 319 days of combat operations in war zone D and the Iron triangle.





Jim in his California office schedules visits to human potential trainings while compiling the FIRST EARTH BATTALION FIELD MANUAL called EVOLUTIONARY TACTICS.







Jim Channon doing his warrior monk practices circa 1979 to improve stress and achieve better situational and psi awareness for soldiers during combat.




Jim from an issue of Fortune Magazine where he was described as the first corporate shaman known for his signature strategic vision illustrations and storytelling to music. photo credit Max Hellweg







Jim in his Mill Valley Office circa 1985 when he was taking his advanced visual language on to many global corporations like Whirlpool, Royal Dutch Shell in London, KOA corp in Japan, and transitioning into his other signature skill called social architecture where his visioning skills would be installed into the corp. culture.






Jim moves into the nineties with another first ,,,adventure theatre. Three hundred Australian mutual fund executives were flown by Indonesian military aircraft into the great western desert of Australia for a four day virtual reality walkabout with a challenge course built in for group bonding.







After writing about the Millennium force and time teaching at the prestigious Univ. of Michigan Business School Jim is invited by the chief of staff of the army to instruct the select future generals of the army at Fort Leavenworth. Jim is shown here at a retirement ceremony in hawaii. His mission from the chief was to "Clear of their hard-drives". Since retiring he has remained think -tank leader of Arcturus design group.






Jim characterizes himself in this cartoon where his over the top courage is revealed. He is fond of saying you can tell a warrior by the medals on his chest and a great change agent by the number of arrows in his back. Jim has plenty of both.