We could overnight … disarm the global time bomb if the armies of the world realize their national defense mission has been hijacked by certain selfish interests while the biosphere collapses around us.   We awaken with the combined mission to restore the biosphere.

As soldiers we are called to purposes higher than plunder.  It has always been so.   We protect the heartlands and the villages of our dear ones.  We follow the principles of Noble Stewardship.   Look carefully at the studies conducted at our military academies and the honorable ethics upon which they stand.



Natural Security is the birthright of all nations.  National security was a temporary solution before the world was connected.  We are now one global population with an entirely new set of awarenesses about what is happening to our planetary sanctuary while we are drawn evermore into conflicts where profiteers rake in money to sell weapons to both sides of these trumped up conflicts.

So, you say, if we have the militaries shift allegiance to NATURAL security ...what would we have to do to retrain them and equip them for restoring our biosphere?  Fair question.  What most people don’t recognize is that most of what army does is move about on an orderly way then create habitats to operate from and do labor that moves a lot of dirt around.  Surprised?  Less than 12% of most army is weapons.  Most of it is transport, feeding, housing, building defenses, and operating on strange terrain.  Do you think that restoring a watershed with a new forest wouldn’t be right up there alley.  Natural disasters are always the job of military units.  They cleaned up Europe after WW 2.   REALLY?  YES ….THE MARSHALL PLAN

The air forces have platforms that can drop tree seedlings in bomblets that are engineered to stick and the fertilize the parachuted plants.   Several passes over a desert area can leave whole forests behind.  The Navy can help recycle the gyres of plastic in the oceans already gathering itself in certain areas then to be converted back into oil or products of value.  This while they use ocean water to power their ships.   The marines have amphibian craft that can rearrange coral reefs and create fish farms.   

Most importantly organizing, moving accurately, teaming with other nations, hosting youth, and operating with teamwork always improves their effectiveness for these units should any other kind of threat appear.  Most of the armed services already have friends in other countries so combined operations don’t require political effort.  The activities and protocols are similar.  The honor is common.  Enjoy below the videos that break out other possibilities for military units to help us heal our world.  And happily enough they are already on the payroll.  No brainer.

We also have the capacity as EARTH BATTALION experts in the paranormal to give people and especially our youth the new sentient intelligences they need to proceed in concert with animals, plants, and indigenous cultures.   Go planet!