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An advanced human archetype….holy fool. A poly mythic character. A “be all you can be” protonaut. Homo sapians sentiens, evolutis, and polymath. An awakening intelligence. Of divine origin and companion of the divine feminine. A patron uncle to a hamlet-like family of volunteers living and sustaining themselves in a shirelike eco-homestead now becoming a botanical oasis. Social architect with wide ranging creative skillsets. A master of observation and listening. Multi-dinensional thinker, planner, and illustrator. Thinks of himself as a flexible being with clothing to launch two dozen working archetypes. An archive of four volumes of creative designs and over a hundred self produced videos on you tube that propel his design science schemes. A busy world level strategist for humanity and the optimimum future for us all. Author of seven books and major, future mythologies like the First Earth Battalion, The New Earth Army, think tank BRIGHTFORCE, Captain Planet, andThe Proto-world design center. His new mythologies embrace the inner earth civilizations and the origins of prime creators operating on Arcturus. His mentors are Bucky Fuller, Thomas Jefferson, Margaret Mead, Jim Henson, Krishna, Kathryn Hepburn, Gilda Radner and Warrior- Monks of many traditions. He is rapt that Jeff Bridges saw fit to roast him in a recent wake-up comedy called “Men who stare at goats”. He saw fit to be a strategic shaman for the U.S. Army and ten fortune 100 companies. He can influence millions with his omni-presence on the world-wide web, his choice for the next planetary governing system. He can call a thousand people close friends. He is waiting for our planet to fully accept its unity consciouness so he can offer his services to the galactic Federation of stars as a representative of Earth (Oceania …in star system Sol) with special skills in Social Architecture and human intimacy. He is a biologian and believes universe and consciousness play an awakening game together and divine creation and play are the ultimate drivers of LIFEFORCE.  When you meet Jim you will say …why he is so lovable and playful and he can dance!  That other stuff must be made up!  But then again he says everything is made up …and the best story wins.

Attn: The New Earth Army

If there is one category of performance that has been given numerous definitions and flavors and the list keeps on coming ...that category…. is leadership.  I stand by those who value “servant leadership” as the primary approach.  Within that ethos I then chose to empower and provide for others.  If required ...I do things first.   My normal focus has been on the yet unpublished genius that was dormant in people and unsupported in teams. I claimed the phrase …”Staging the genius of others”.

Most often for me that meant eliciting the dreams and intentions of those I was to empower and then heralding those qualities in story and art.   When larger teams or groups came into my view they got strategic visions broad minded options where the steps to victory were mapped out in illustrations … with the energy of nobility built into the imagery and then heralded with the voice of the champion.  I never let them get away without answering the question: What is your Higher Purpose?

So this work only occasionally meant I needed to resource the clients with material things.  Once I discovered I could use mythology and very large working memory to empower action in larger cultures I chose to create and illustrate and then story those more legendary groups ...until a point came where, for me, and the entire planet came into view.  Slightly awed but in the presence of no other positive broad based thinking and story-telling, I went at it.  I am in constant awe of the majesty of all creation.  This earth and the ever challenging human journey bring me to me knees with gratitude.  I now know more than ever ...The Best Story Wins!  

Thanks to my glorious and willing friends during some uphill treks and also the very land ...a biosis… that surrounds me now.

...and this I know… I came here … this time…  to do this.  

You ready for the shift?

Look for the green lightning sign.

Go Planet!  

Jim Channon  

April 2016

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Looking at the Earth:

A bio of my Hawaiin nature...

I belong to creation.  I am a father this time around.   I have been a mother many times before.   I belong to a hillside on the largest pyramid mountain on earth.  It is in the middle of the largest sea.  It is a soft place. There I live with my tribe of trees that flower, fruit, and make fire.  My trees include grand elders that make community.  I feed seven species of birds who sing to me everyday and bring me signs from prime creator.

I am blessed with the kind winds that rush through the trees that dance and play the sounds of lifeforce.  My drum is from a pueblo people.  My ancestors came from a voyaging society that brought me here from a place two seas and two continents away.  The journey took 26 generations.  For now this home Hawaii connects me to the near reaches of heaven and the deep tribes beneath us all.  

My grandchildren dance with the polynesians who know where their breath, their hips and their hands are.  I eat fresh from my gardens with seeds from many canoes..  I host the voyagers from many places who are on the path to awakening to all that is. They share their hands, their hearts, and their songs.   I breathe deeply to stay in my heart.  My profession is peace, plenty, and play.  I have a shrine to Lono the god of the harvest and a shrine to the divine mother.

I imagine the possible and protect the potential.  I launch clear prayers to the one and work with all that comes through.  Some call my land a bioasis, others a botanical preserve, and still others an ashram.  I create social inventions that feature the high mix all elements ...they become habitats, villages, and other places of refuge. I dare to write visions for all of planet earth.

I tell stories and paint visions.  Together they move many souls to action.   In one day I am creator and servant leader.  For all my relations, throughout all worlds, for all time … blessings.

I am millennium man. I belong to creation.  Go Planet!

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Looking at the Galaxy...

The bio of my futurist mind

A polyversal renaissance man with anticipatory proactive design skills and in possession of many kinds of thinking and artistic expressions finally creating a muscle bound imagination. He is a world recognized thought leader and global elder.  His websites share his wisdom as a futurist.  Polyversal means he never met an artform or a language he didn’t like.  He bundles a unique set of conceptual skillsets he calls his imagination and is one of the most prolific social inventors of our time.

Jim was the point man for the BE ALL YOU CAN BE Army publishing the field manual “Evolutionary Tactics” for task force Delta in 1979 (AMAZON create space).    He is primarily known for his army work as commander of the mythic First Earth Battalion where his life was played by Jeff Bridges in the acclaimed parody MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS..   In Vietnam he lead an airborne infantry platoon that he trained in paranormal skills with a stealth based movement strategy (The history channel experimental soldiers).  He retired in 1982 to join the field of corporate thought leader and vision maker.

Fortune magazine called him the first CORPORATE SHAMAN in an article citing his persuasive storytelling and masterful high speed vision drawings while asking the leaders of ten of the world’s largest corporations ...What is your higher purpose?    He spearheaded the first “wholistic” vision for planet Earth as a fellow in the World Business Academy.(project earthrise)  He is credited with creating the first corporate strategic vision process.(youtube)

His capacity for multidimensional concepts allowed him to envision and illustrate the world’s largest army Force on Force simulation site in Barstow California called the National Training Center.  His first combat simulation games boosted the simulation business to over a 100 million dollars in ten years.   His design capacity produced the world’s first fast attack dune buggy with multiple features now copied by other armies of the world at one hundredth the price of a main battle tank.(see google images)  It also converts to farm work when handed over to a developing country. His operation NOBLE STEWARD reveals how all military forces will shift from national security to natural security and restore the biosphere, (youtube)  He has trained over a hundred general officers in just such an exercise (SAMS CGSC))

Recently, as “Dean of Discovery” he created one of the first on-line free university sites THECYBERVERSITY.WIX.COM where his invention of the discipline of social architecture pioneers the way to the design of a new world.  He has fifty social inventions to his credit, ten books, 100 videos, 12 websites, and 4 degrees.  He has joined the faculty at three universities including the business school at the University of Michigan.  His most recent social invention is the BIOASIS where peace, plenty, and play each excel on three acres of land (youtube). He lives there on the big island of Hawaii.

His visual language skills cross all boundaries from cartooning to portraiture, to computer graphics to animation, and jawless puppets that bring forth Jim’s multi-lingual voices (youtube)  and story-telling mastery.  Using these tools he was the creative spark behind CAPTAIN PLANET (youtube) a leading syndicated cartoon of the early nineties.  His writing goes from technical to baroque.  His dance moves are freestyle with “hollering”  and express many traditions.  His landscaping and garden work is called mythic landcrafting (youtube).  He has been called the fastest magic marker in the west.

He sources his spiritual practice from many traditions.  He aspires to being able to discover all possibilities while sustaining internal states of ecstasy.  He has an exacting prayer process and a breathing regimen to make those ideas real.  He has a gallery of spiritual champions in his living room.  He imagines new human prototypes and scans the emerging world for examples.  He is the penultimate b r o a d minded strategist.

At 76, as a global elder,  he contributes his social architecture designs and comments to the world with regular reports and video on the future of humanity as it merges with the other worlds emerging around us and beneath us. This all can be viewed and is now evident (facebook timeline).  At the same time he builds his own archive as an example of a human crossing the millennium threshold into the age of aquarius.  It is designed for archeologists of the future and may become a time capsule.  AS Jim always says GO PLANET! ( his license plate in 1986)  His home is called the OMYGOSHRAM where you will find him coaching young jedi to this day.

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Family Heirlooms