What about the Natural Guard?

The natural guard
And how Oasis living came to be

The ECO- cavalry of the FIRST EARTH BATTALION has been experimenting with the realities of having toopers carrying a superior hi-tech media toolset about on very nomadic adventures wherein the living is predicated on wildcrafting an existence wherever their days journey ends. This social archetype which is definitely techno-tribal also is now shaping our operating style for the NATURAL GUARD.

The Earth Battalions are found in townships and global villages that need an organizing force and platform to service the local development of food, water, and power. The natural guard then will fill out the tiny hamlets and outposts well into the interior. We need people who can establish oasis points in the outlands and bring them to a very survivable place. This will allow a flow of the natural guard to come to nature and restore her while living a very creative but low impact outdoor life.

Because the members will each be appointed with various cyborgian toolsets the NATURAL GUARD will maintain their virtual world connections in wormhole contact using viral boosterware as needed. Eventually this will see that the countryside is populated with a sustaining culture that operates real time on the deepest parts of our world with a constancy and natural love that keeps this planet alive at its roots.

There are various phases of this operation.
First there is the need for wildcrafting and techno-nomadic skill training. Then obviously a new series of portable organized living structures based on intelligent membranes and water catchment tools will bring the oasis life into being.

Various cultures throughout history: The gypsies, the overseas Chinese, the seafaring nations, the Hebrew traders, and other roving bands have perfected various toolsets that support such living. Back-packing tools, yurts, portable rechargeable toolkits, and a wide variety of small media devices that now can be woven into clothing. The cultural activities of sundance, rainbow tribe, and other events like burning man are setting cultural norms for such impromptu living. Whats exciting is that their seems to be a requisite variety of skills that can make such improvisational small communities work.

The practical side for the planet is that every region can have such nomadic groups that can reintegrate themselves into the rural and deeper landscape. Initially young people will create work agreements with elders who have lands they are not ready to abandon when they themselves cannot keep up with the physical labor required to keep them viable.

The group work needed is the clearing of natural pathways, the support of clean water sources, the gleaning of forests so the most promising species can make it to climax growth and be harvested mindfully. There is a new realization that living in nature more directly is a real pathway to creating a more soulfull life on this planet.

People isolated in urban boxes watching the televised electronic wasteland endlessly can die a very early spiritual death. Working together to provide for basic needs is in itself more deeply nurturing to the human consciousness.

Larger projects can also be boosted into being like the creation of large food forest reserves and the return of natural hunter gatherer ways. This will be a salve to a modern culture that is strung out mostly on a stagnant indoor life.

This is the beginning of the new nomadic way.