The Earth Battalion is 30 Years Old… The Commander Speaks

Welcome … to those who will dare to think the unthinkable, the awakened warriors, and evolutionary scouts. You are in good company. Leaders go first! Its always like that and we were perhaps thirty years ahead of our time when we started this adventure. My work as a global elder comes as a result of a lifetime of experience criss-crossing this planet until for me its like a global village. I am here to presence the adventure for you… the next generations.

You have come into a time when the planet has just been connected by industrial age tools. Don’t let the tools themselves to distract from the fact that people everywhere deserve to know and feel the global unity that is now their’s for the choosing. Do not wait for governments to act as they have a vested interest in the boundaries they have created to make themselves important. They are not bad. They just are not invested in the planet or the planetary commons. You on the other hand must get into high gear to bring the biosphere into full repair or there will not be a next generation.

I take responsibility after much global speculation about the US Army’s very courageous and creative experiment called THE FIRST EARTH BATTALION to call attention to some facts. It isn’t as though there aren’t plenty of moments of the “edgy” and the unknown at work in our research. By the very nature of our mandate to “Dare to think the unthinkable” our intrepid band of scouts truly were reaching into the realms of the mysterious. But the motivation for that effort was to improve the chance for our soldiers to prevail on a predictably nasty battlefield. Pure and simple. It is the same for the generations now moving into a new century, For it will be the mastery of the mysterious that will bring you to our next best world. You could be as challenged by the environment as soldiers are by a nasty battlefield. Your souls will be well served also by reaching back into the natural world and bringing forward the paradise that just survives buried in busyness and mindless distractions. We can blend technology and nature at a new level.

The army has had a long and dreary history with the media since Vietnam. There are so few examples where arguably the most earnest, most schooled, and most over-worked organization in modern history has been reported on by people who have no idea that it is any more than an extension of basic training. Beetle Bailey, Gomer Pyle, Sergeant Bilko, Pvt. Benjamin, and MASH, was the folklore that fed the minds of the public about the army, This is an organization that just moved the equivalent of the city of Denver half way around the world to Iraq and then guided young men and women to perform tasks at levels they never will see again in their lives. They have done that in situations that would ethically challenge the brightest minds anywhere. During that time there has not been a whimper of complaint. That’s grit and honor at work. Receive them well when they come home and they will serve you again during the hard times. You must muster the same quick grit if we don’t want to see our precious world compromised by the slow death of a neglected biosphere.

There is a precise toolset including the global mindset, ethical principles, and human performance skills further along in this website that specifically cites the creative ideas in the Earth Battalion Field Manual. The nobility of the ethics have often been described as new age or naïve. The ethics were derived by simply looking at our coming world which is global and desperately in need of repair. Organizations as nobly centered as the US Army by using all the armed forces of the world acting as a team can help do that job like no other. I recently supervised over two hundred SAMS course officers from 20 nations conduct a bioforce planning exercise at the Combined Arms Center that considered the resources of all four branches of service to bring our global ecosphere up to snuff. You will see our planning effort to suggest a global Marshall plan using local natural guard elements and the military as a team. I ask you to trust this combination above all others just to get things going.

I want to thank all the “players” in our network of scouts for their work then and now as we continue into a new century striving to bring this world of ours into the vibrance it deserves. We have global reconstruction, the repair of the biosphere, and a major redistribution of oceans and refugees to plan for. I encourage you and others of similar mind to read the manual and accept the far-reaching challenges that fit for you. WE are all at the shift point ….make your move and ask others to follow you ..right where you are!

See Earth as Paradise!


Jim Channon
global elder