Psychic Soldiers Can Save Lives


Learning to sensitize the combatants awareness to reduce the carnage of kinetc war in counter-insurgency ops.

I lost a soldier my first day of combat in Vietnam. It was on what they called a search and destroy operation. My Platoon would move into deeply forested areas to root out fortified enemy positions after making the noisiest possible entrance using helicopters and artillery preparations. The enemy with fortified positions around their villages could then decide whether to ambush us as we tromped noisily into their fields of fire or simply evacuate before we arrived. This was as ignorant a tactical approach as the British redcoats marching at us in lines with white cross hairs on their chests. The enemy in this case the American minutemen were hiding behind trees and sniping away at will. But all new wars begin with the tactics of the war that preceded.

My airborne infantry rifle platoon was clearly going to be subject to more of this bull headed thinking in the coming year so we developed a way to move with the maximum stealth. In that mode we began to develop a radar like sensitivity that could only be called telepathic and I learned to detect enemy soldiers 200 meters away in thick underbrush. I never lost another man in 319 days of combat. This was my first experience of remote viewing. But it didn’t have a name then so no one spoke about it. Needless to say I was sure there was another potent dimension “inside” the physical world I had been taught to live in. I was somehow sure I would make that world possible for the soldiers who would follow me.

Everyone pretty much knows about telepathy. Some know about clairvoyance. Others have heard of possession by another being. The interesting thing to me is that these are all part of an interdimensional reality that is simply not recognized for the scale of its actual presence on this earth. Each of the concepts above are considered abnormal events that occur at the edge of normal life but, certainly don’t point to the fact that there is an actual “other kind “ of normal life that occurs in a wide band of signals and energy that interpenetrate the invisible realms all around our “normal” world all the time and are becoming more and more accesible all the time. We live in the physical world and simultaneously we live in a non-physical world that is pushing its way very convincingly into the consciousness of all those who accept its presence and have a sensitive enough antenna to sense it.

I recently had an experience with a person called a clear channel who was verbally relating a conversation between myself and two other beings from two different star systems. Then the channeling person jerks about and one of the star beings emerges in her body and begins speaking. I am distinctly qualified to notice the complete shift in her every mannerism, tone of voice, and content orientation since I mimic voices and other characters I have created and I know her own habituated patterns in detail. They were not the same. She was someone else during those moments.

This means that time /distance works in the physical dimension in one way and in the inter-dimensional world in many other ways. It also means that we are simultaneously conducting our own human affairs based on physical principles but a growing number of people are also having their affairs assisted by beings from beyond and without any appreciable loss in time/space as we know it.

To me there are some fascinating possibilities here. One, space ships may have been invented by humans trying to make sense of this other world but certainly are not necessary for most inter-galactic connections. To occur. Two, we may all have or have had some inter-dimensional other world lives. Actually it could be that there are no earth people on this planet that have not already been extra-terrestrial before. Three, we could be an experiment conducted by a host of other galactic entities who occasionally nudge the progress of earth but are mainly trying to see if their new DNA experiments with us in their Petri dish called planet earth are producing any new social inventions they could benefit from. This is why they are not interfering with the experiment.

Arcturus as a research group I lead looks at ways to ease and end conflict on this planet and since there are any number of inter-dimensional tools that could reduce the carnage of kinetic warfare we find the subtle worlds very potent. Entering villages to root out terrorists is a low percentage win for armed soldiers. Entering in non-lethal way … disarming booby traps psycho kinetically… having psychic warriors who can see through walls and assess the internal motivations of villagers to determine their potential danger as assassins or bombers … temporarily incapacitating suspicious villagers so they won’t over-react during search operations … these are all potentially powerful tools to civilize police work and reduce the collateral damage caused by the erratic conflict of urban style guerrilla warfare.

We shall include the telepathic/telempathic skills in our taxonomy of our psionics research. Communications methodologies like neuro linguistic programming that examine covert influence technologies and many similar reframing approaches to the truth are also key toolsets we use to understand inside controls and manipulation by organizations bent on terrorism. The “Big Lie” has worked for years by dictatorships to reinforce half truths by the simple repetition of the same lie. To create a peaceful world the armed forces must be keenly aware of how a population is propagandized. Similarly, the obverse is true, they must know how to present environmental safety information with the clearest toolset which for example might be visual language like that found on an airline safety instructions card. There is little room for deceit in such a language form. Psionics will cover all these bases.

There are daily stories of people who have serious conversations with their pets and others with plants. These dimensions are getting more attention as time goes by. I have seen a woman communicate with a cat who was lost simply by knowing the cats name and then telepathically asking the cat to describe its location. Then upon investigation the cat was discovered within minutes even though over a mile away and up on a roof. Police now use psychics to find missing persons. It could be this would be another way to approach a contested area in combat. At the moment there is a real effort to give soldiers robotic radio controlled vehicles to enter such danger zones. Without being shot in order to discover the target was not friendly.

The point is simply to add some sanity to what are always dangerous situations that get out of hand and before the first inappropriate over reaction kills dozens of innocent bystanders. The lifelong trauma inflicted upon the hapless soldiers is itself unnecessary and avoidable. A quick psychic shiatsu shakedown works wonders to disable the trauma before it is buried beneath deep guilt.

There are also thousands of stories of sensitive people who must deal with discarnate souls (ghosts) who for some reason are trapped in the earth dimension and plea to be released. Dreams are rampant with messages from others who are in trouble. Healers talk on the phone with patients and can diagnose their illnesses at great distances with the clarity of a an exam that comes normally in a direct physical hands on connection. But we now know an invisible bundle of data somehow exists and is available inter-dimensionally to people who are tuned in.

I have heard a man tell others of my unique skillset simply because we were on the same conference call on the phone and he could access my inner world at will. There are many many stories of people having regular telepathic connections. I say it is time to wrap this all up into a generalized understanding that wideband inter-dimensional communications is a reality.
It is not witchcraft.

There is now clear evidence to support the idea that numbers of trained meditators can collectively entrain a specific place with a coherent (clear and integrated ) energy field and reduce the crime and violent indicators in that area. We might think of that as a “prep” which is what happens when an artillery or air unit saturates an area in advance with munitions in order to suppress any likely response. In this case it is a barrage of calm. That would be my preference as a platoon leader.

I offer that collectively the many types of inter-dimensional communications we experience could simply be understood as another now common yet invisible dimension that exists as a whole reality and not be seen as separate anomalies. Then we could all begin to use and understand the capacity of such a knowing. Then we could bring it to bear to influence peaceful operations in a dirty war situation like the confusing urban conflicts in the Middle East and Africa where innocent people are simply in the way of the fray.

We can improve the lot of the soldier so they are not mindlessly introduced to unpredictable situation, This has been central to the work of the earth battalion for thirty years. To improve the live giving abilities of the frontline soldier. At the same time not irrationally provoke the response of suspicious elements on the battlefield and if possible sooth them at a distance before the engagement. To this end we offer the field of psionics. Here we bundle as many of the dimensions of indirect contact as we can in order to make contested areas and peoples as non-lethal as we can.

Remember, it is as damaging to a soul to have to shoot someone as to be shot. Our work to immediately reduce resistance and battlefield trauma as an adjunct to the reducing the conflict before it begins. Not everybody is equipped in all of these new dimensions just as not everybody cannot observe and listen well enough to be a great scout. But the investment in knowing these psychic tools can be used thoughtfully is beynd important for the front line combatants.