Project Earthrise… 100 Year Vision

The 100 year positive vision for planet earth.

Based on interviews with 2000 global leaders and visionary thinkers

EARTHRISE GOALS IN CAPS see each one as a paradigm shift

As we awaken to the grand new global infrastructure we have built as a by-product of both the industrial age and the information age, we now find ourselves a functioning global civilization, without realizing how it quite happened. We are moments away from having the COLLECTIVE GLOBAL PUBLIC VOICE that will redistribute our more centralized and mostly obsolete institutions and birth the decentralized VISIONARY MINDSET that will move humanity to a direct and comforting NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH NATURE.

Our next steps will combine PROFOUNDLY SIMPLE LIVING with WIDEBAND RENEWABLE ENERGY and give us the footing to begin to focus on NATURAL SECURITY AND GLOBAL RECONSTRUCTION. This will be to move the oceans and fresh waters to where they are most needed. We will restore the forest cover and coastal waterways and coral reefs and find grand new ways to rebuild our cetacean community. By expanding our options locally we will usher in the ETHICAL MARKETPLACE which will be another wideband array of new and very old means of exchange that will allow all to play in the arena of their choosing. Our education will have a new centerpiece and that will be THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION that will focus us on the emerging intelligence we need to stay awake during more complex and subtle times. Among our most important new skills will be the capacity to accept and then merge with other dimensions.

INTERDIMENSIONAL AWARENESS will allow for that series of new relationships with more conscious ways to live, more significant direct relationships with our animal and plant life, and the potential to accept that the local universe may have a variety of other conscious players who have just been waiting for us to reach a state of public awakening as a planet … so that mature conversations could take place. During this both stabilizing and more conscious period of existence we will all come to SEE THAT OUR PLANET IS AS GOOD A CANDIDATE FOR PARADISE as might be imagined. And that is what we shall build upon until our entry into the twenty-second century where we will have changed beyond anyone’s current imagination.