Operations Report (2009)

First earth battalion
New Earth Army

“Be all you can Be”

GLOBAL STRATEGIC DESIGN CAMPAIGN ENDING SOON. Arcturus design announces the end to an 8 year strategic visioning and research effort. We are announcing a design reorientation and our near completion of the long range mission to establish a proactive Strategic outcome for our global civilization. We have developed five models (scenarios) from which we can draw ideal solutions and match them to a community of interest likely to execute them. High options for the new global civilization area available on request. See Jim Channon’s youtube videos for details.

EARTH SITUATION ROOMS We also want to recognize the efforts of our communications engineering team led by Frank Catanzaro to create EARTH situations rooms for Malaysia and Korea. Concepts include bridging real and virtual world conferences designed by Frank.

SOFT INCURSION TACTICS The global musical composer team (Alan Armstrong and Tony Selvadge) has also begun to build specific musical resonances to support soft incursions into contested areas. This is to support armed forces and first responders during moments of village entry so that no unnecessary deaths or callateral damage occurs from mistaken intentions. Harmonics and empathics are mixed into practical broadcasting tools to create such music. These compositions can also support the stress recovery work of the brain rangers in Iraq who are still sending almost all of their front line trauma patients back to duty after using music, massage, and critical incident review.

NON-LETHAL WEAPONS KITS Col. John Alexander who headed up the first non-lethal weapons directorate reports that the first tested wave of NL weapons have been placed in kits and sent to field units. Initial field data indicates the weapons set produced the desired effects of stopping the resistance to peaceful incursions. The soft pepper gas round fired from a shotgun seemed the most reliable to effectively deter resisters without permanent injury.

NEW EARTH ARMY PROTO-MYTHOLOGY The design of a global army that functions with the populace to recover the biosphere is well under way. The shift is based on Buckminster Fullers admonition to replace weaponry with livingry. The social architecture produced by our enterprise has an almost complete greenshift inventory model for military action based units. We know the problems …we have the green options. See Operation Noble Steward for a solid reference.

PROTONAUT DESIGN BEGINS Following the (Be all you can Be) model we are now selecting skill bundles to power the designs for new warrior monk archetypes. Our first archetype is change agent shaman. The next will be wildcrafter scout. Men and women candidates have been at work in studio bioport for a year helping us discern skill bundles. Training will be held in the new base opening in Kauai in the coming year led by Captain David Lakota.
OUTREACH Our combined web sites, youtube videos, and collateral information has tallied close to ½ million hits in recent months. Our proactive relationship with Overture Films (GOATS Clooney Movie Roast) has increased our range of coverage. A fine piece by Robert Colbert on his comedy show helped. The tally we expect may reach 5 million by Christmas.

SECOND LIFE PRESENCE We have constructed an island office complex for design teams and a giant pyramid showcase facility in second life to engage our associates in the coming year. Meetings of a global nature are obviously free now for the enterprises who have chosen to go virtual. See arcturusvirtual.com

NEW FILM We are sketching in the shooting script for the film SACRED GROUND. We have clear information on the design toolset for the paradise layer of our new global civilization …its called somazone design with a focus on resonance field generation to effect the entire psyche of the people playing in the new world landscape.