Global Gameplan



Designed by the
Arcturus Strategic Design Group
Hawaii island
Its an ages old truth that having a clear idea of what you desire or want to create is the single most important step in bringing that something new into being. So, who is imagining the comprehensive optimal situation for our emerging global civilization today? We have been connected and functioning together in a predominantly global way for thirty or more years now? This plan should get every element of our world into action …now! What are we waiting for?

Someone has to begin this planning.

By at least a dozen factors of common agreement and interactive exchange we are way more like each other as nations and peoples than we are apart. This hasn’t been announced because there are few if any organizations of stature that wouldn’t lose power if that global unity were known to be true. People everywhere would naturally demand the visionary future I speak of here. Nations it seems without exception are disinterested in that popular collective movement because it would diminish their control and increase their accountability to the earth herself.

We began twenty years ago.

In the absence of such unified global thinking and planning, the Arcturus Strategic Design team, has been at work on this opportunity for twenty years. It’s not that we are slow …its just that wisdom is required here and that takes time. We have also needed to research other key organizations, noteworthy ideas, and interview more than two thousand leaders about what is important to our future. All this, just to get the best thinking on the map. Most people even senior leaders have never thought about anything at that scale. Interestingly enough it is not much more difficult to work big even though it may seen so. The people of this world are with minor exceptions interested in the same things. So, in the end we simply need to know what they are, how to project them forward, and select key elements to guide the process. There are special skill sets which enable that work, but once the listening is complete, it just takes time to get things in a visual constellation of thinking, and action that is core to activating our global family where they live. We are oh so mindful that Nature and Universe will have their own ideas about things anyway.

We sought help along the way.

The key groups we have filtered our thinking include for example include the United Nations Foresite scientists who have a technical range of interest that exceeds all other groups. They also live in the future. It is unfortunate but true that politicians don’t think much further out than their next re-election period. The last global reconstruction plan, the Marshall plan, was conducted in world war two and managed by military commanders not politicians. . The World Business Academy fellows were our other key experts. In this case their extraordinary range as key thought leaders on the widest range of subject matter, gave us the proper breadth of thinking we believed was necessary. They had gender breadth, cultural breadth, and spiritual breadth.

The club of Rome, the Davos group, the club of Budapest and a dozen other groups have announced interest in such plans but have failed to produce them in any public comprehensive form we could unpack. Never-the-less they were helpful to insure we were not over-looking any major area of interest.

Our biosphere and its repair is the clear objective.

The unwavering common thread in all the practical calls for action is the repair and maintenance of our host the planet earth. Under secretary general of the united nations Robert Muller put the key global mind change paradigm shift in the center of the target:

“To see the earth we have as paradise.”… and obviously act accordingly.

That then has the necessary elevated position, higher purpose, and call to action necessary to bring significant global interest into play. It is not just about the economy, or environmental preservation, or human civilization … it is about all of them functioning together with a popularly understandable and visceral result as our measure of success. We should be able to feel it as we proceed.
Within that … economics, the environment, and cultural excellence and all the rest can be more precisely targeted.

Then there were some basic building blocks that included all the worlds major players. In this way everyone would be part of the major work:

Project Earthrise as a framework

Here the World Business Academy 100 year vision for the planet is very instructive. It includes eleven other paradigm shifting concepts which balance out the needs for a fully functioning civilization that is meaningfully engaged with emerging inter-dimensional intelligence and even Galactic connections, while intent on living in a vibrant biosphere. We have done the solar system this last century so the galaxy is the obvious natural next level for exploration on the physical plane. The inter-dimensional plane is less obvious but on our plan and visiting those domains won’t require all that much actual physical travel. So the march is in… as well.

The 20 corporate and institutional shifts

On the resources front, to answer questions of “how do we get this work done”, we chose to look at functioning institutions and corporate entities and asked what could they do to elevate their contributions to a vibrant global civilization living in a paradise level world. So, now we are shooting for the stars but doing so in terms of real resources we have to bring to bare on the developmental objectives. For example, oil companies would move fresh water, engineering assets would create canals to move rising oceans into needy deserts, and chemical companies would protect the biological agents and herbs they so need for their services without owning any rights to their use. Other logical shifts would occur for all corporations all in alignment with renewable energy needs.

Operation Noble Steward …recovering the biosphere

In a similar way the combined military organizations of the planet could take the emerging technologies and greener tools of the corporate and industrial domain and operationalize them with coordinated actions throughout the world. They, the militaries, we must remember, are already on the payroll and have all the means to move, subsist, and co-ordinate the work needed to bring our environment and the biosphere back into a high level of
aliveness regardless of the terrain. There is an almost perfect correspondence between each branch of service and their expected type of work. The army restores the land assets like forests and waterways, the Navy polices the seas, controls over fishing, and promotes the renewal of sea life. The marines work the coral beds and coastal wetlands. The global air force monitors pollution from space and transports refugees and other displaced persons including temporary villages using their giant transport planes. The coast guard will move into arctic zones and manage surviving species who are losing ground to melting habitat.

The global public brings back the heartlands

The remainder of the civilization itself must remain occupied with reoccupying the countryside and bringing more balance back into our access to natural resources.
The school children at each age bracket will, with the aid of military transport, work on various aspects of
nature like reforesting for high school youth, recycling for middle school youth, and bartering for basics at the elementary level. Colleges will maintain major seed banks, churches will work with the homeless and refugee elements, while other institutions will find corresponding missions to match assets. Corporations will find work in areas closest to their skill set and resource base. Every group has a way to contribute its own foundational service in a new alignment with planetary needs. What is so heartening about this idea is the fundamental match between the global challenges created by the United Nations and the actual declared interests of so many of the planets institutions. There are incredible matches to be found with just a cursory review of the options. The shifts required are normally 30 degrees or less in trajectory when compared to traditional approaches. That’s very doable!

Advancing humanity with a the 21st century skillbase

The new twelve basic intelligences will find their way into the curriculums of all schools while an evolutionary set of consciousness and awareness tools will permeate the culture at large. It will be possible for people to take responsibility for their states of being as well as their states of knowing using the new approaches. The doing is moving apace now. So, we will all be able to sink in a little deeper after the race forward we experienced in the industrial age.

National governments shift to natural bioregions

Governments will systematically lose their power to make war, protect special interests, and regulate how people will choose to live. They will service infrastructure and be broken into bioregional management zones. Politics as usual will be confined more to natural resources management at the regional level. Like perma-culture when an area is abused and can no longer support its population it must then reinvest in the solution with local support until the problem is solved while conserving a reduced population base.

Global affairs will be regulated by global web intelligence

The globe itself will be connected by a webocracy whereby every region will search for the tools and intelligence it needs to function using the instant solutions we can search for so easily so we live in a world “governed by real intelligence” about the best of all possible means. The key reason people will not need to travel so much or transport goods is because as a general rule all cultures will support themselves from within their own regional resources. International cargo with the exception of the transshipment of fresh water will largely will be relegated to small pieces of technology. The other principle reduction in travel will come from the fact that most villages and towns will have micro-politan zones where the most exciting global multi-cultural offerings will be available within a five minute walk. We will be a world of global villages connected by a web of intelligent solutions.

The basic approach to building this plan.

The twenty year search followed the footprints listed next:

Collect the best evolutionary tools for people to expand, then stretch the known kinds of intelligence by a factor of three, identify the social experiences needed to generate those advanced sets of awareness, place these inside a stimulating social architecture that could neatly provide a design science to rebuild that social architecture, next look at global resources that could carry the expected load of bringing the biosphere into an exciting new vibrancy, also examine corporate, institutional, and military gifts that could be redirected to right our global challenges and exceed them with available means, now take it all and apply the x3 factor to exceed the exponential expansion of our global technology … and finally array the critical options with a visual language that is clear while naming all the key awakenings with a meme like power. Whew!

The specific skillsets used to shape the strategy

Please contact us if you have questions about: gleaning skills, content analysis, special kinds of compressence, social architecture, advanced visual language, strategic design, extreme cultural overview, social purposing, concept elevation, altar piece graphics, meme based treatment, subsuming logic, geometric dynamics, and the facilitation of ideas at the global level. Then getting it all out there requires viral dynamics on the web. We welcome your feedback or better yet give what we have done to somebody who might understand how to do something about it even better than we have imagined!

Let us begin to move on this where ever you are as soon as you can.

This paper must be seen as an executive summary and the point of that is to get others thinking about the scale of the work we must all share. Having a lifetime of experience in strategic planning I must say … it is complete enough to work if the public motivation and global need arises tomorrow. Better start with something and adjust on the move … there soon may be no more time for another meeting.

My thanks to Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Hubbard, and a host of numinous coaches.


Principal designer
Jim Channon