ATTN Jedi Warrior Monks: Your Membership is Self-Organizing


The life of a jedi warrior monk is a pilgrimage. The journey is to claim your soul and bring alive the biosphere around you where ever you are. For in our soul is the perfection of the human being that is far more evolved than today’s culture would lead you to Believe. Your planet wants a single vibrant and evolved civilization of human beings who find that love reigns supreme. Your planet is capable of producing paradise before your eyes. Just nurture her and surround yourself with her presence and that paradise will appear!
Heaven is a state of mind. To find heaven one must merely accept the total magic of the life that exists in us and around us. The Universe we experience is, as she exists, a miracle beyond the imagination of anyone alive today. Marry this reality with your heart and inspect the truth of it in even the smallest of creatures.
Extend all your senses out into the biosphere and learn to expect that she will speak to you in so many ways. Master the idea that you will live on many dimensions and then actually do that in present time. Soon Universe will introduce you to your other selves from the many other dimensions where you reside also.
Paradise is the craft of your life. Bring out the paradise in all that is around you. Find that piece of countryside that you can steward into layers of beauty, and sound, and aroma’s beyond your present imagination. Find an earth family of people and animals that will join in on this quest. Eventually become self-sufficient on your personally developed eco-homestead.
Nourish the small town near you. it can all have the full set of pleasures available in the full spectrum global village. No need to fly off somewhere and look out the window of a bus. Bring life home. Everyone should have a place to dance and sing and fully engage in the spirit of living that represents the many cultures of earth.
In the end you will only have one person to answer to for the quality of your time here on earth … and that someone is you! Take charge of your life and make the journey as rich as possible. If there is not enough room for love in the pattern you experience… change the pattern. There will be other chances at life. No one dies. All ascend continuously. But the quality of all you do rests in your capacity to arrange an interesting life and being able to live it as fully as you can.
Love wins and GOPLanet!